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RioVista Sunflowers Critter Cam

Because of our remote location, we have a large variety of wildlife on our property and in the adjacent mountains. However, until we installed trail cameras, we had no idea of just how many critters were using our fields. The following are a selection of pictures taken in the past several months of animals on the farm. These represent only a small fraction of the photos that were recorded.

Stalking Bobcat
Young Bobcat
Wiley E. Coyote
Mule Deer
Fox on the Run
Successful Hunt!
Raccoon Family
Gambel's Quail
Quail Family
Javelina family
Ringtail Cat
Young Buck
Same buck
Fine young deer
Coyote in the Snow
Make Up Your Own Title
A Face Only a Mother Could Love
Great Horned Owl
Life Goes On
Scaled Quail
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